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Terms of Use

Will get priority over Free members in all requests and the restrictions will not apply to them other than the credits. Paid members may request a maximum of two tourney pages, two sigs and two banners per month. For those with Admin or Maintenance memberships, they may request custom made pages as needed up to the maximum number permitted in their membership. For Maintenance memberships, page updates are made once per week on a day agreed to by the member and the designer.

If you have a paid membership, please do not share our designs with non members. These are made especially for the paid members and must remain the exclusive use of those members.


We require notice to make pages of any kind so please do not ask for a page and expect back the same day. We can take up to 5 days to complete an order depending on how busy we are. For special holiday requests please allow extra time as most members request at those times of the year.


The pages and templates on this site were designed by our talented staff of volunteers to assist you with your tourneys.

Images used come from many artists and sources, so please do not remove any credits to them or claim the graphics as your own. Doing so will get both you and the designer in trouble with the artists who created the image.

All original copyrights belong to the artists who created them. If you edit the tourney page graphics or background please display "edited by Jane Doe" under the designers credits.

You may use the pages on this site for non-commercial use only in running your tournaments. Any other use is strictly forbidden.

You must have a minimum of 5 members in your league to qualify for a Free Tourney Page and a Free Banner.


All Templates shown on the site are free. Do not share the templates with other leagues. Each league must request their own templates.

Only 2 templates can be requested a month by each league.

Leagues Requesting a Template must have at least 5 active members.

Leagues may edit their specific information into the template i.e. News, staff names, dollz, award names and backdoor links. Leagues may NOT alter the graphics work of THT designers. This means the images on the templates must remain intact. If you are adding other images within your news section for instance, the images may not be from another design site and must be copyright compliant. If you are not sure, please ask. If you wish to use a different image on your template, you may request the permission of the designer, who's decision is final.

Removing Credits from our templates is strictly prohibited. If you edit the template please display "edited by Jane Doe" under the designers credits.


Images from tourney pages are NOT to be used on League pages without first obtaining consent from the designer of the tourney page as well as using the CONTACT US link in the main menu to obtain consent from THT's site manager.

You MAY NOT upload any images from templates/tourney pages to your own image hosting such as photobucket or your own web host and change the links on the pages or templates to those of your own hosting service without FIRST obtaining consent from the designer as well as using the CONTACT US link in the main menu to obtain consent from THT's site manager.

IF it is found that images from THT's tourney pages or templates are being hosted on photobucket or any other hosting without proper consent being obtained you will receive an email to have the images removed from your personal hosting and the proper links replaced We will contact the particular hosting site and file a complaint to have the images removed....

Images and backgrounds on any tourney page or template are not allowed to be offered by any other designer as a part of their pages/collection that they offer on their site for use on tourney pages or league page templates.. This is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

Removing Credits from our templates/tourney pages is strictly prohibited. If you edit the template please display "edited by Jane Doe" under the designers credits.

If you are found to have removed our credits you will receive a mail asking for them to be returned within 24 hours and we will need a reply to the mail.

If you do it a second time you will be banned from the site and if you are a paid member this will terminate your membership and their will be no refunds given.

If you do not replace the credits or remove the pages after being requested to do so by mail your site or league as well as a link to your site or league will be placed in the league designers united hall of shame for all designers to be aware.


A request for a template must come from the Admin of the league.


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The following leagues have either removed all our credits or another designer has claimed our work to be their work or are hotlinking graphics without credits or permission.

2018 starts with a clean slate! Please if you have copyright or hotlink questions just ask - we really don't want to put any league names here!

If you know of a league that has stolen THT's work then please report using the 'Contact Us' on the right hand menu.

Content on this site is copyright to THT 2012/2019