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tagcatz 06 Sep : 12:24
i sent it yesterday Debra - did you not get it?

DEBRA 05 Sep : 20:28
anyone here today lol

DEBRA 05 Sep : 15:38
tagcatz i do need that template now if possible

lees525 04 Sep : 20:43
Thank you Trevor..

Trevor 04 Sep : 08:45
The new server is now in operation. The site is now fully live. Please report any problems to your administrator

lees525 31 Aug : 23:45
Hi Jade sorry I just sent to you.. Thank you.

jade9871 31 Aug : 16:00
ty tag LOL

tagcatz 31 Aug : 15:49
I apologize Jade - your request went to la la land! I found it this morning and Lees will have it to you shortly I'm sure! She's probably working today but will get it to you asap!

jade9871 30 Aug : 16:13
I submitted a request on Tues. and I was just wondering when I would get confirmation? And thank you for all the work you do

tagcatz 25 Aug : 14:52
awww thank grizz

grizz30433 23 Aug : 21:33
tagcat I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you do abd ty for all from luckys play pen

donnaberry2 17 Aug : 20:25
You are very welcome Jance - I hope you enjoy it and gl in your tours

Janiceann62 17 Aug : 20:20
Thank you Donna for my tourney page I love it they nickname me the shark Queen

lees525 15 Aug : 21:54
Janice we have it and you should have in the next day or two..

Janiceann62 15 Aug : 16:01
I recently asked for a tourney page of a shark bowling with a crown on as yet I cannot see it


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Posted by: tagcatz Sunday 28 July 2019 - 14:58:00
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New League Templates
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Posted by: tagcatz Sunday 30 June 2019 - 16:13:26
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At THT we have always had the ethos that everything should be free. The only thing we ask is that you join as a FREE member to access everything. This prevents spammers etc.

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For the 6 month package, you receive 4 main league pages, 4 newsletters to match main page design

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Posted by: tagcatz Sunday 30 June 2019 - 16:12:07
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Copyright Information
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THT is always working to make sure that all images we use are legal. This means that all our designers have the correct licences to use certain artists. In other cases we have asked the artist for their permission to use their artwork.

This does mean that there are images that we cannot use because they are heavily copyrighted. You may be able to get pages made for you from other sites using these images but here in THT we will NOT use copyrighted images without the artist or companies permission.

Images that we cannot use because of their copyright are:-

Disney, Warner Bros, Tatty Bears, Peanuts, Simpsons, Nintendo, Betty Boop, Maxine, NASCAR, any Sports Team, any Drinks e.g Coca Cola

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